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The reasons some Mac lovers stick with OS 9 are practically as numerous as Apple operating systems themselves. There are some OS 9 subscribers who hold out for cost reasons. Computers are prohibitively expensive where they live, and these people would also need to spend thousands on new software licenses and updated hardware (on top of the cost of a new Mac). But many more speak of a genuine preference for OS 9. These users stick around purely because they can and because they think classic Mac OS offers a more pleasant experience than OS X. Creatives in particular speak about some of OS 9's biggest technical shortcomings in favorable terms. They aren't in love with the way one app crashing would bring down an entire system, but rather the design elements that can unfortunately lead to that scenario often better suit creative work.

If OS 9 had modern applications and - even moderately - modern hardware, I would be using it. No question. I have an iBook G3 fully working and running OS 9, including important software, within arm's grasp (I used to have an iMac G3 for the same purpose). It's difficult to explain, but the reason for me is Platinum, the user interface. OS 9's Finder, the graphical and behaviourial aspects of the user interface, the speed, the BeOS-like quirkiness - it all adds up to an operating system with a personality that is incredibly pleasant to use, regardless of the hodgepodge house-of-cards internals.

And personality is, unfortunately, what Windows, desktop Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android sorely, sorely lack.

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RE[5]: Nonsense
by arkeo on Tue 13th Sep 2016 15:15 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Nonsense"
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I assume you mean accessibility from a developer point of view?
In that case, from what little I know, I think I agree with you, as System 7/8/9 were notoriously a pain in the ass for developers (in my head Ballmer's still screaming DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS!!!--if only it had been true...).
If I remember correctly most of the low level stuff was still in Pascal (shudder).
But from a user POV Classic Macintosh is still, TODAY, the best OS. Yeah, I'm talking GUI, not nano- micro- supa-dupa- kernels and whatnot.

In this sense, you might say OS 9 or System 7 or Be were just skins. But the following those OSs still have proves that they had something subtle but fundamental that today we're missing. Win10 is goodish enough from a user POV. But then I sometimes wonder, what the fuck are my PhenomIIX6 cores doing, bathing in 32GB of ram, with a 7870 and a couple of SSDs sitting there, idling, and yet this friggin rig always feels sluggish.
Fuck Siri, Windows Store & the like. Everyone of us has a machine capable of sending men to the Moon--no, MARS!--and yet frustration lurks behind every mouse click.

I don't know what Thom meant exactly by "personality". At some point you get to hate the personality of every OS.

For me Classic was stormy marriage, Gnome a one night stand, OS X is a fat slut, Win 8-10 the boss who fucks you or you lose your job.

The eternal love of those sweet 16...

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RE[6]: Nonsense
by pauls101 on Tue 13th Sep 2016 17:07 in reply to "RE[5]: Nonsense"
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I assume you mean accessibility from a developer point of view?
In that case, from what little I know, I think I agree with you, as System 7/8/9 were notoriously a pain in the ass for developers

I never got to do a big 68K product, mostly low level shareware; I did several major PPC projects, which were the best part of my career. The last had to run on 10.0.4+, and that was by far the worst bit. The handwriting was on the wall, and I've mainly worked Windows ever since.

OS 7, 8, 9 were fun. You had access to everything, you could do almost anything, and you could do it fast! A mistake could take down the whole system, but rebooting and debugging were so much faster that I did almost all Carbon work in OS9 and tested on X when it was working.

Apple backstabbed Metrowerks (who had literally saved their company from ruin during the PPC transition) in favor of their own tools, which took 15 years to equal Visual Studio 6. If I could work on OS9 again I'd quit thinking of retiring.

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RE[7]: Nonsense
by JLF65 on Tue 13th Sep 2016 18:35 in reply to "RE[6]: Nonsense"
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Too right! Why, there is even a Programmer's Interrupt button on the Mac so that when it freezes, you just hit the button and pop right into the debugger! People who complain about Classic MacOS are complaining about missing features, not about how difficult it is to actually use.

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