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Mac OS X

macOS Sierra brings Siri to the Mac, allowing users to conduct voice searches to find files, look up information, and more, with the ability to pin searches to the Notification Center for continual monitoring. There are new Continuity features including an "Auto Unlock" option for unlocking a Mac with an Apple Watch, and a "Universal Clipboard" option for copying text on one Apple device and pasting it on another.

MacOS being in maintenance mode, this isn't the most significant update the operating system's ever seen. But hey, it's free, so go get it.

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I started in the publishing industry using a MacPlus Color with system 5 many years ago and have been a Mac user ever since... (until recently..) The last few OS upgrades have been pretty blah and haven't added anything thats made me more productive. Over the years all my gaming has moved to windows and all my web coding has moved to linux. My email is basically webmail as I don't use a client.. So this whole (self inflicted silicon valley) hysteria about releasing new features and a new OS of some sort every year (by Apple or anyone else) has left features felling pretty thin.. Especially on platforms like iOS and Windows where the bugs get more news attention than the OS.

I wouldn't call it so much maintenance mode, but an industry wide struggle to innovate and create something new. A new windows or MacOS used to come out every few years with a bunch of cool new stuff and the masses rejoiced.. now there is so much pressure from investors, mobile OS's, Linux Releases and competition from the the global market in general that all these companies and their self imposed this yearly deadlines of releasing a new (insert product name here) has created a culture of over delivering products for monetary gain and under delivering in usefulness.

People frankly can't afford the yearly hardware upgrade anymore just to have one or two new useless features and I think THAT fatigue is what people are really starting to feel. That pixie dust Steve Jobs magic is gone and people are stepping back and realizing that Apple is the new Microsoft and just making billions and billion off of sub-par software and underpowered hardware.

Anyways.. I installed Sierra last night and promptly disabled iCloud and Seri.. as well as deleted iTunes and fixed the scrolling in reverse stupidity that Apple still thinks in great... then went in and added Save As.. back into the shortcuts and removed the duplicate command.. I booting into my Windows bootcamp partition and used admin tools to delete the Photos App from the mac partition so that god awful thing will never annoy me again when I plug my phone in to charge... then booted back into Sierra and turned off continuity so my phone doesn't bug me when I'm working...

As you can see... I don't really care about most of the NEW features released in the last few years (cool as they may be to some...) But thats how I feel about Windows and Linux too.. At the end of the day, I want the OS to get out of my way so I can work and get things done, not give me 20 more ways to throw my ADHD into overdrive with useless features...

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To qoute
At the end of the day, I want the OS to get out of my way so I can work and get things done

This is the essence of an OS.
Personally, and after 44 years of coding, OSX/MacOs is one of the least intrusive systems out there today.

Windows has gove IMHO, totally do-lally and wants to interfere with everything you do. The 'Nanny knows best' syndrome.

Sure MacOs has some shortcomings and what OS does not but for me it does what I wand of an OS and most of the time it gets our of the way and lets me do 'stuff'.
I am very happy to have made the switch from windows in 2008. I have to use windows for work and even the Server OS's seem to have gone to pot. Why would voice services be needed on a server? The same for other bits that are end user stuff.
MS has lost it big time.

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