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Since I'm sure some of you are already angrily typing comments about my claim that the new MacBook Pros aren't designed for professionals at all - on purpose! - but for affluent regular consumers, here's Mac developer Michael Tsai's summary of the community's responses to the new MacBook Pros.

I was really disappointed with today's Apple event. It seems like Apple has either lost its way, that it has lost touch with what (some of) its customers want, or that it simply doesn't care about those customers. Developers are a captive audience, and creative professionals can switch to Windows, I guess. Apple no longer considers them core.

There's nothing particularly wrong with what Apple announced. I like Thunderbolt 3. The display looks good. I'm not crazy about Touch Bar, but it does seem potentially useful. The problem is that the MacBook Pro is not a true Pro notebook.

I really think this line is the core reason why the Mac is being neglected:

It has seemed clear for a while that the CEO doesn't really understand the Mac, or simply doesn't like it that much, and that's a problem for those of us who do.

Ding, ding, ding.

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Comment by sj87
by sj87 on Mon 31st Oct 2016 14:38 UTC
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Apple product line is so simple that no one should have a hard time understanding the purpose of each product – let alone the company's own CEO. That leaves us with the assumption that he simply does not care about Macs as much as some other products. But turning MacBook Pro into MacBook FunForKids isn't, in my opinion, about not caring about the products either.

My guess is that Apple is one generation away from ditching the Pro-series of Macs and focusing entirely on consumer goods. This new model's got so little to suggest even remotely that it's made for professionals that it can't be saved anymore.

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RE: Comment by sj87
by crazy-weasel on Mon 31st Oct 2016 16:26 in reply to "Comment by sj87"
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...and who will develop stuff for all those consumers, and when you find someone: on what machines will they do it? ;)

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RE[2]: Comment by sj87
by sj87 on Mon 31st Oct 2016 17:49 in reply to "RE: Comment by sj87"
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That segment will probably be 'satisfied' by the lonely Mac Pro, when it will finally be upgraded in the future. Maybe Apple is suggesting pros should use something else than their fancy pancy laptops to do the job.

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