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Frank Azor explains to PC Gamer why SteamOS seems to have kind of... Faded away:

"Valve ran into some delays with the controller, and while that was occurring, Windows 10 was being released," Azor said. "I think Microsoft learned a very valuable lesson - a lot of valuable lessons - with Windows 8 and tried to correct those with Windows 10. It's more gamer focused, I would say. Every subsequent release has focused on gamers. Although their execution isn't perfect, it's definitely improved compared to Windows 8."

He continued: "I think the need right now, for Steam Machines and for SteamOS, isn't as great as it was two years ago, and that’s contributed to the reason why the momentum has faded. We still offer SteamOS and the Steam Machine platform with the new version of the Alpha - the new Steam Machine R2 - and we still sell hundreds of units, thousands of units every month. But it's not a major initiative for us like it was two years ago because it's not necessary right now. We're in a good place with Windows."

Microsoft did better with Windows 10, and lest we forget: Valve totally botched everything they could possibly botch with SteamOS.

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Of course. Win10 is a good OS. The bashing was pretty much limited to sites like OSNews where some (legitimate) concerns were blown a bit out of proportion.

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kwanbis Member since:

Windows 10 is so horrible, from a UI point of view, that even if I got free upgrades for my 5 PCs, I'm back in 7.

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I'd agree. While I still prefer linux, windows isn't a horrible os anymore. If I have to be on windows, I'd prefer win 10 anniversary edition. Still needs a decent terminal, though.

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Windows 10 has quite a few decent terminals:
1: Command Prompt (majorly improved with full screen, copy/paste and more tooling)
2: PowerShell, a very modern, object oriented shell that can function as a terminal as well
3: Windows SubSystem for Linux (Ubuntu/Bash, nuff said)

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