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Last month we did a quick exercise aiming to see how far we could get in a few weeks in porting Sailfish OS to a new kind of mobile device, an Android smartwatch. Compared to the competition, Sailfish OS’s interaction paradigm is particularly suited for small screens, it being gesture-driven and designed to maximize display estate available for the user content. We also had the watch demo with us as a teaser in Slush 2016 this week, to emphasize to journalists, partners and other people how versatile platform Sailfish OS is. And naturally an implementation like this, could fit nicely also into our licensing strategy.

This looks pretty good, actually, but as an owner of the limited edition version of the Jolla Phone and the incredibly elusive and rare Jolla Tablet - what I want is not more device categories, it's applications.

This has been the platform's number one weakness since its inception, and they seem unwilling to do anything about it.

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... it could actually work!

When you think about it, the demand for "apps" on a smartwatch is not the same as on a smartphone and thus there is no ecosystem advantage to any industry player, so to speak. Of course, it still leaves implementation details such as integration with existing gadgets through Bluetooth but that is doable.

And the Sailfish OS with its mostly gesture-based interaction model is actually well suited for a smartwatch, at least as we have seen them so far, much more so than Android or iOS, for example.

That said, I am not sure it is wise for them to spread their resources on multiple directions like that but then, it appears to be a simple proof-of-concept so far, right?

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From what I saw in the video this looks much nicer than Tizen and Apple watch, I haven't really played with an Android one, but this is pretty impressive. Would love some Sailfish gadgets.

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