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Welcome to this massive PowerPC goodness crammed series. During these videos, we'll be packing the absolute best technology that this machine can support into this gorgeous Blue & White G3 minitower, creating what I believe will be the fastest B&W G3 on the planet. This is the most involved Power Mac upgrade series I've ever produced, changing every single major component in this box and adding as much as I can to make this machine fly. Sit back, relax and enjoy some mighty fine PowerPC geeky goodness.

This is a series of very long videos detailing the entire process. Not the flashiest production values - but honestly, that's a good thing. The creator's excitement is contagious, and it makes me want to undertake a similar project. Just tons of fun to watch, sit back, and relax.

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yep, and most people only get as far as liking Facebook and insta pictures the whole days, ...

I actually like to work with my vintage systems from time to time, like the Cube, G5, ... (sucks so much power tough), recently even soldered a new NVRAM battery to my UltraSPARC 5, ...

also really silly what worst case UI hang software even gets on latest high end machines, ... be it macOS or Windows, ... try to save or print something and sometimes it hangs forever, ...

Now that I think about it, macOS network share performance is also strange vintage slow, ... ;)

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The problem is how people think about algorithms and APIs.

I'm really hoping that the growing interest in designing language features which aid concurrent development, such as Go's goroutines and Rust's ownership-based data-race prevention, herald that things are finally starting to shift.

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