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Lots of news from Intel today - the company announced a new line of processors and accompanying motherboard chipset. I have to admit I find Intel's product and platform names completely and utterly confusing, but from what I gather, the company announced new high-end i7 and i5 processors, as well as even higher-end, high-core counts i7s and a new line, the i9. The X299 chipset brings it all together.

I was keeping an eye on these new processors as I just ordered all the parts for my brand new computer, but I had already decided not to wait for these since I prefer not to jump onto new processors and chipsets right away (which is why I didn't opt for Ryzen either). Looking at the replacement for the processor I eventually settled on - the 7700K - I'm pretty sure I made the right call, since the speed bump seems minor (100Mhz), while TDP goes up relatively considerably.

The high core count processors are - much like the Ryzen 7 1800X - incredibly alluring in a "I want all the cores" kind of way, but for the most part, few workloads actually benefit from more cores in processors. Aside from workstation-oriented workloads I personally do not engage in, it really seems like processors are running ahead of the software they run.

Still, with Ryzen and now Intel's new parts, there's a ton of choice out there if you're building a new computer.

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Your CPU choice was wise
by Seeprime on Tue 30th May 2017 15:19 UTC
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At the moment you can't go wrong with a Core i7-7700K processor. We've even put them in Photoshop and 4K video workstations, for smaller companies that had a somewhat low budget. A GeForce GTX 1070 is a good match for the i7-7700K. I won't use Ryzen in builds until Windows 10 and drivers are optimized to take full advantage of it, likely by the end of this year.

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RE: Your CPU choice was wise
by Sidux on Wed 31st May 2017 09:00 in reply to "Your CPU choice was wise"
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That's being very optimistic.
They're still updating BIOS for this platform for stability reasons.

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