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0.4.6 is a major step towards real hardware support. Several dual boot issues have been fixed and now partitions are managed in a safer way avoiding corruption of the partition list structures. ReactOS Loader can now load custom kernels and HALs.

Printing Subsystem is still greenish in 0.4.6, however Colin Finck has implemented a huge number of new APIs and fixed some of the bugs reported and detected by the ReactOS automated tests.

Regarding drivers, Pierre Schweitzer has added an NFS driver and started implementing RDBSS and RXCE, needed to enable SMB support in the future, Sylvain Petreolle has imported a Digital TV tuning device driver and the UDFS driver has been re-enabled in 0.4.6 after fixing several deadlocks and issues which was making it previously unusable. Critical bugs and leakages in CDFS, SCSI and HDAUDBUS have been also fixed.

That's some solid progress.

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RE: Good progress
by kallisti5 on Sun 3rd Sep 2017 20:33 UTC in reply to "Good progress"
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Shame Haiku can't keep up with the same pace as ReactOS...

That's not accurate at all :-)

Haiku's driver support has been historically better than ReactOS. Haiku even just got virtio network drivers which means it can run in a lot more cloud infrastructure. ReactOS even uses some of the Haiku drivers if I remember correctly (which is 100% awesome!)

Either way, there are not very many large-scale *and* long term "alternative" operating systems to Windows+Linux+BSD+Mac left, so every improvement is a step in the right direction.

I'm not a Windows guy, but there is an awesome user story behind "I *really* need a Windows VM, and don't want to spend an hour licensing and installing Windows"... I think ReactOS is a prime target there.

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RE[2]: Good progress
by dark2 on Tue 5th Sep 2017 19:37 in reply to "RE: Good progress"
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It may have more drivers and such, but it is like comparing a model T to a current car. They both can technically accomplish the job, but the average person will never tolerate older solution.

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RE[3]: Good progress
by yerverluvinunclebert on Tue 5th Sep 2017 23:41 in reply to "RE[2]: Good progress"
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the average person will never tolerate older solution.
Who cares about older? You sound like one of those daft people who only understand buying something 'modern' under the mistaken impression that newer is automatically better. The only important thing is quality, modernity is irrelevant. Most of what has been done recently in Windows is just change for change sake, Windows 8/10. A solid NT5 compatible o/s with NT6 APIs will run any program old or new. The GUI will be customisable to allow you to run anything you like. It'll look as modern or as retro as you want it to. How can you not be able to 'get' this stuff by yourself? To me it so easy...

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