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Apple held its iPhone event today, but since the three major leaks got everything right - read our previous items on the leaks to get the full details - there's really not much to add here, other than the pricing for the new iPhones. The 'regular' iPhone 8 will be about €50 more expensive this year, so take that into account when planning your upgrade. The iPhone X (pronounced "ten" by Apple, "ex" by people with good taste), however, carries a very hefty pricetag, especially in Europe and the UK - the base 64GB model is $999 in the US, and a staggering €1159 in Europe (and an equally staggering £999 in the UK).

I think it's definitely a nice looking phone, and can certainly hold its own against other small-bezel phones from Samsung, LG, and others (especially others), but especially outside of the US, that's one hell of a price tag. Going over the magic €1000 mark feels like crossing a psychological threshold from high-end brand new smartphone territory into high-end brand new laptop territory, and that's a tough pill to swallow.

The additional problem here is that the iPhone 8 simply looks outdated compared to all the minimal bezel phones of this year, and certainly so next to the iPhone X in stores for the iOS users among us. I'm up for contract renewal, and since I'm the kind of person to switch platforms about once a year, I was definitely interested in switching to iOS again by buying the iPhone X. However, that €1159 price tag is way, way beyond the outer limit of my comfort zone.

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by sapere aude on Tue 12th Sep 2017 22:40 UTC
sapere aude
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For me, the announcement of the wireless charger using the Qi standard was the best of the day. I believe that the standard will now become more and more popular.

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RE: Qi
by David on Tue 12th Sep 2017 22:46 in reply to "Qi"
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That's certainly something that Apple has been good at doing in the past: taking an existing standard and thrusting it into widespread adoption. Unfortunately, they also have a habit of sometimes needlessly promoting their own fringe thing where it makes little sense. So it's nice to see they did the former this time.

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RE[2]: Qi
by tylerdurden on Wed 13th Sep 2017 07:45 in reply to "RE: Qi"
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They had no choice this time. Qi is deeply entrenched standard, and there's a whole ecosystem out there and already established supply chain.

It's hilarious that Apple can't release a charging pad until next year.

My bet is that apple wants connector free phones and ipad in the next couple of years.

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