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If you value the security of your data - your email, social media accounts, family photos, the history of every place you've ever been with your phone - then I recommend against using biometric identification.

Instead, use a passcode to unlock your phone.

Can't argue with that - especially in place where law enforcement often takes a... Liberal approach to detainees.

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RE[4]: Well ...
by WorknMan on Fri 15th Sep 2017 18:26 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Well ..."
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where you were implying that only guilty people have a good reason to be against the intrusions.

No, I was implying that only guilty people ought to be paranoid enough to use only passcodes. I mean, you could be completely against police being able to force you to fingerprint unlock, but still use the feature.

As for security, I imagine the odds are about a million to one (or higher) that a security vulnerability like this is going to affect you personally before the general public finds out about it, and then you switch it off until they patch the vulnerability. Besides, there have been vulnerabilities in the past that let people get past a passcoded lock screen, so that ain't no guarantee either.

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