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Tock is an embedded operating system designed for running multiple concurrent, mutually distrustful applications on Cortex-M based embedded platforms. Tock's design centers around protection, both from potentially malicious applications and from device drivers. Tock uses two mechanisms to protect different components of the operating system. First, the kernel and device drivers are written in Rust, a systems programming language that provides compile-time memory safety, type safety and strict aliasing. Tock uses Rust to protect the kernel (e.g. the scheduler and hardware abstraction layer) from platform specific device drivers as well as isolate device drivers from each other. Second, Tock uses memory protection units to isolate applications from each other and the kernel.

Visit the official site and the github repository for more information.

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RE: I'll wait.
by JLF65 on Fri 10th Nov 2017 18:20 UTC in reply to "I'll wait. "
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This isn't about a processor, it's about an OS for the cheap ARM chips that power nearly any embedded device these days.

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