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After years of work, hackers have finally managed to unlock the PS4 hardware with an exploit that lets the system run homebrew and pirated PS4 software. In a somewhat more surprising discovery, those hackers have also unlocked the ability to run many PS2 games directly on the console, using the same system-level emulation that powers legitimate PlayStation Classics downloads.

That's actually quite useful. Too bad this requires hacking and cracking, instead of it simply being a legitimate option. I have quite a few PS2 games I'd love to play directly on my PS4, instead of having to buy remasters.

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RE[2]: Want to play PS2 games?
by The123king on Thu 25th Jan 2018 12:36 UTC in reply to "RE: Want to play PS2 games?"
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Since when has it been "expected" for a console to be backwards compatible with anything more than its predecessor? And why should that backwards compatibility be provided for FREE? One of the greatest strengths of a games console, is the fact it has no requirement to be backwards compatible, as there's no concept of forwards compatibility either. If you want to play a game for the PS4, and you own a PS3, looks like you're buying a new console. Same applies if you own a PS4 and want to play PS3 games. I see no reason why the extra added cost of backwards compatibility should be forced onto users, just so a subset of consumers can play games out the box for an older console.

It's also worth remembering, if you want that backwards compatibility, it's probably because you have a large back catalog for that console, which probably implies that you do, or at least used to own that console. And if you sold it, then maybe you should have thought about selling all those games too.

I have a large back catalog of PS2 games. I wanted to play them but i didn't own a PS2, after my sister trashed it in 2007. So i went down my local junk shop and bought one for £8. Now i can play my 100ish games for the approximate cost of 2 pints of beer, or 4 coffees, or 2/3rds of a PS2 rerelease for the PS4

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It is not that it is expected, but it is demonstrated that it is possible to get PS2 compatibility.So yeah, they could allow you to play your old games, because there is very little money to lose with that decision. But no, they have to remind us on every corner that they are only nice to customers if they are on the losing side of the business.

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