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Feature updates are the bigger updates to Windows 10, released twice a year, that are probably more akin to the service packs of yore than regular updates or full releases. Microsoft is improving the process of installing these larger updates.

The Windows Fundamentals team focuses on the underlying technologies that are used to install feature updates as well as a host of other things. We've heard your feedback about the lengthy amount of time your PC is unusable during a feature update installation, and we've been working on ways to decrease this time. Today, I am excited to share more details about the improvements we've made to the feature update experience.

For as much as Windows has problems, I really like that Microsoft is working on improving things like this. It would be very easy for them to set low-level work like this aside in favour of flashy stuff that's easy to show off in an ad blurb, so I appreciate the effort put in addressing less sexy problems like this.

A faster, less invasive update process is always welcome.

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RE[2]: Anything would help
by wocowboy on Tue 27th Mar 2018 11:59 UTC in reply to "RE: Anything would help"
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Lucky you. I started the process, took my shower and got ready to go to work, checking the computer before I left the house and it was at 5% "Preparing to Update". I came home during lunch and it was still performing the update. I am on the Windows Insider program, the computer was doing the latest update available last week. This process does indeed need a bit of work for some people.

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RE[3]: Anything would help
by avgalen on Tue 27th Mar 2018 15:24 in reply to "RE[2]: Anything would help"
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I realize this website isn't meant for support issues, but either you have a very full/slow HDD or something is blocking the upgrade process. When something like this happens I always rely on the following trick:

1) Check your system (chkdsk, sfc)
2) Reboot your system
3) Throw away the c:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder (you might need to stop some services)
4) Try again

I hate all the Windows Installation caches that are left everywhere and are only needed in situations where you will most likely have other issues that have corrupted these caches. However, I don't recommend using 3rd party cleaners like CCleaner, just use the tooling built into Windows like cleanmgr and dism

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RE[4]: Anything would help
by Sidux on Thu 29th Mar 2018 11:46 in reply to "RE[3]: Anything would help"
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There still is an interesting bug with this over metered connection, where Windows tries to download and install the same feature update over and over again (until you decide to clear the SoftwareDistribution cache).
Also happened during clean install..

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