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Updates are easily the biggest problem facing the Android ecosystem, and Google is working hard to fix that. Project Treble has proven that it's capable of making updates easier, and now Google is stepping up requirements for OEMs when it comes to security patches.

Every little step in this department is a welcome one. It's not yet clear what, exactly, the requirements entail, but hopefully, it's a strict and hard requirement to publish every monthly security update.

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RE[3]: Finally!
by bassbeast on Sun 13th May 2018 09:05 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Finally!"
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The problem that Google and the OEMs are gonna be looking at is the rotting elephant in the room that nobody is talking about which is phones have passed the "good enough" stage so that more and more people, just like they have been doing with their PCs for awhile now, simply aren't bothering to replace until the old one dies.

Hell there are still plenty of places selling 5.x devices and why not? They all have quad cores, 1.5-2Gb of RAM, 16-32Gb of storage, nice 5-6 inch screens, good cameras, they are "good enough" for the majority which according to the Google dev list provided above 63% are using 6.0 or older Android phones.

The OEMs haven't cared about updates because they were betting on infinite growth and rollover of old handsets for new, similar to the great PC boom of the late 90s/early 00s but I would argue that is coming to an end and Google knows this, that is why they are pushing for this. But I bet the OEMs sure as hell ain't gonna be happy, heck their entire business model is based on turn over and as more and more simply treat their phone as another appliance its gonna seriously bite them in the bottom line.

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