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Amiga & AROS Within an interview with The Swedish Association of Amiga User Groups (SAFIR) ACK Software Controls revealed some details on their WIP upgrade board for classic A1200 systems, which should come bundled with AmigaOS4.0 when available.
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by henrikmk on Thu 1st Dec 2005 18:19 UTC
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This could solve a problem that has plagued the market for some time, namely the lack of motherboards, especially for developers, who continously ask for them. That they are cheap is only good, but secondary to the fact that the vendors don't have any, so that's critical.

For a while, people have been swapping AmigaOne's around to get OS4 ports of software done. If this board is produced in proper quantities, this problem will hopefully end.

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RE: Developers
by Mike Bouma on Thu 1st Dec 2005 20:30 in reply to "Developers"
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> This could solve a problem that has plagued the market
> for some time, namely the lack of motherboards

IMO another problem it possibly solves is the demand for near complete backwards compatibility with the classics from some classic Amiga fans.

AmigaOS4 can access the classic Amiga custom chips when available (older BlizzardPPC, CyberstormPPC upgrades for the classics and probably this upgrade, OS4 beta already performs well on 166Mhz PPC classic Amiga configurations so I believe the OS will fly with this upgrade), so more classic sofware will run with AmigaOS4 transparently this way. IMO integrating a full custom chipset emulator would be too time/effort consuming compared to the actual benefits for desktop usage (also not neglecting potential disadvantages such as an overall performance penalty).

IMO AmigaOS4 running on A1 spec hardware (no classic custom chips) already offers good backwards compatibility with most important productivity classic Amiga software titles and for chipset-tied software there's already the external/non-integrated E-UAE emulator.

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