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Novell and Ximian An observing poster at the Ubuntu forums unearthed what he says are screenshots of the upcoming Novell Linux Desktop 10. "I was snooping around for details about Novell Linux Desktop 10 and stumbled upon an internal Novell Desktop Design wiki. Most of the pages were unavailable without logging in but I found a few pics by going through their 'Recent Changes' page." So, are they for real? My take: Whether these are real shots of NLD 10, or just 'mere' mockups, they in any case show that Novell is willing to differentiate itself from its competitors. Which is a good thing.
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RE[3]: Beautiful!
by on Sun 4th Dec 2005 10:47 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Beautiful!"

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Ramsees2/Hiev/Manuma/Mitarai/Anonymous (201.132.80.---) we all know you're the same person (the three-dots-mexican troll) so stop pretending you're not. I'm tempted to send an email to the OSNews admins, asking to check your IPs, but don't want waste too much time with you.

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RE[4]: Beautiful!
by on Sun 4th Dec 2005 11:01 in reply to "RE[3]: Beautiful!"
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It's really disgusting to have these trolls here and I really thought that this time as "Adam Scheinberg" said in his metablog that this time he is going to pull through and getting rid of all the spammers, trolls and fake accounts. To clean this place up as he said - nothign about that to see here. The same insanity is going on here over and over again which makes it problematic having a normal mature and valuefree argumentation possible on this place.

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