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Linux Asa Dotzler, from the Mozilla foundation, has just written an interesting analysis describing why Linux is not ready for desktops yet, and suggests four main categories that must be addressed to improve this.
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clipboard works.
by jziegler on Wed 20th Jul 2005 20:35 UTC
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The two clipboards he's talking about are actually "the primary selection" and "the primary clipboard". When running gnome and using gnome-terminal, I do not have one program, that would not understand the ctrl-insert, shif-insert combination. The only ones I have which does not understand them fully are gvim (partially) and rxvt (not at all). None of them would be used by a normal user. All others (which I use daily) - OOo, Firefox, Thunderbird, gaim, a few Java apps - all work correctly with the clipboard. Even fonts and colors get copied correctly (which actually ticks me off, when pasting into gaim ;) .

As the windows users would not have an idea about the primary selection, they would always select text and press ctrl-insert (or ctrl-c) and shift-insert to paste it. Hence, they would always use the primary clipboard and should not experience any problems with it.

btw, what is "my documents"? I want my /home directory on my Windows machine! ;) I actually grew up on using D:users ;) , which is closer to /home than to "my documents"

disclaimer: I am using Linux for the last 7 years, almost exclusively (only use Windows when there is no way around). So I might not be the correct person to judge the user-friendliness of Linux. On the other hand, I can whole-heartedly claim Linux was ready for desktop 7 years ago already. And no, I do not need it to be perfect for all the Windows users. I also don't think that "world domination" is the goal of Linux. It might be the goal for some companies, but not for "Linux".

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RE: clipboard works.
by ma_d on Wed 20th Jul 2005 21:00 in reply to "clipboard works."
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I'm with you. I haven't had a clipboard problem I couldn't resolve in 30 seconds in probably a year and a half....
In fact, I get constantly annoyed with the lack of current selection paste in Windows cause I'm so accustomed to it now. Not a big deal, just annoying.

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