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Java Sun's groundbreaking programming language vaulted to popularity with Web developers. But now it's losing ground to a raft of upstarts.
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My impressions
by walnut tree on Tue 13th Dec 2005 21:30 UTC
walnut tree
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My impressions: Java has done well on the server-side and it's also established itself in many companies as a language for developing internal custom desktop apps. Where it hasn't done well is in competing against popular commercial, off-the-shelf software - what's written in Java is often slow, uninspiring or merely catching up with commercial rivals rather than surpassing them (e.g. ThinkFree Office).

In the sphere of web applets, I think it's failed - Flash has usurped Java as a tool for creating Rich Media Applications (RIA) that run in the web browser; and now AJAX is gaining momentum. Not that it really matters for Java - they're doing well enough in other areas, particularly the corporate sphere but they do lose that high-profile visibility of being at the forefront of the latest web developments. And one can't deny that the buzz surrounding these develpments does attract developers. The Ruby on Rails framework has made a big difference to Ruby's popularity, whatever you think of the language.

Smaller languages, particularly dynamic scripting languages like Python or Ruby, have a relatively quick (initial) learning curve. They also give the impression of being small, nimble, easy to bend or adapt and quick for prototyping or experimenting. Java probably shares some of these characteristics, but it's now lumbered with a different image - a powerful and capable language suitable for enterprise-level apps, but also large, complex and difficult (and still slow on the desktop!).

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RE: My impressions
by kmarius on Wed 14th Dec 2005 08:30 in reply to "My impressions"
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AJAX still needs software on the server to work :-)

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