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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Unlike a lot of people, I get very excited when a new beta of Ubuntu/Kubuntu is released. It's amazing how Ubuntu has taken the Linux community by storm over the past couple of years. Finally, Linux is stepping up to be a real contender on the desktop." Here is a first look at Ubuntu, and here at Kubuntu.
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Ogg: Yeah right. Cause anyone actually uses it.
Xvid and DivX: Again, not very popular. But when needed, is quickly resolved with a Google search.

You're on drugs! Ogg is very popular as is DivX and Xvid, Xvid is even surpasing DivX in usage these days!

Some people have NFI!

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"Ogg is very popular as is DivX and Xvid"

No, ogg is not very popular. mp3 is by far more common.

And DivX is not very popular either, except among people who illegally download movies off the Internet. But the vast majority of online video content is in either Quicktime or WMV format.

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