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BSD and Darwin derivatives Fans of DragonFly BSD will be getting their Christmas present late this year, and plans for 1.5 have been announced. MP safe networking code, the long awaited cache coherency management system, and a port of Sun's ZFS. Read here for more. Update: Refresh, empty cache, whatever, and check the shiny new beastie icon! And there was much rejoicing. Can we now please discuss DragonFly BSD?
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RE[3]: ZFS License
by kaiwai on Sun 18th Dec 2005 05:01 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: ZFS License"
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To put it another way, there's good reason why Apple did work to make HFS+ Unix-friendly, rather than try and improve UFS for use with OSX. NeXT/Openstep used standard FFS.

No, its more the need to for file forks support and the need for case preserving but case insensitive support - that and the fact that HFS+ isn't that broken, as much as the nay sayers would love to make out.

Sure, its the not the prettiest file system out there, but at the same time, is it worth replacing it with something else? I mean, if they're going for something that has 'teh cool' factor, they may wish to talk to SUN and see if they can port ZFS over to Mac OS X.

As for DragonFly, its looking like its really ontrack, and the gamble to try a new route to MP capabilities has really paid off in the end rather than the approach which the FreeBSD team took - thats not to say that Dragonfly got everything right, but at the same time, when you compare the resources that both teams have got, they've come a long way, very fast.

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