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GNU, GPL, Open Source CIOs can gain competitive advantages by taking part in the open source revolution, a movement that will shake up the power structure of the IT world, said Julie Hanna Farris, the founder of Scalix. Farris explains why open source is not a fad and how it will benefit the business world.
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RE[4]: RE[6]: I'm amazed as usual
by on Fri 22nd Jul 2005 11:37 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: RE[5]: I'm amazed as usual"

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I haven't done a survey myself or seen one that was more than cherry picking. Have you? If so, gimmie the facts man...

"Well, we have usual names...we have Red Hat (which someone told to have tiny revenues mostly coming from interests... didn't verify that), we have Mandriva/Mandrake, Linspire... and others are just begging for money, usually (not that I'm proud of it... just noticing)."

One additional note: You have not seen a survey of OSS companies that shows that OSS is not a good business model vs. propriatory software -- correct? It's your opinion based on personal observations.

Software is a tough business. I would not get it these days, though I have worked on software related projects all my life. (I'm an old guy.)

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