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Windows "Microsoft's free Shared Computer Toolkit lets you configure a PC that can be used to search the Internet, look up resources, and run approved programs; it also stops users from making permanent system changes, running arbitrary programs, or introducing malware. Administrators on domain-based PCs have long been able to do this; the toolkit offers a similar level for any PC. You don't need an IT degree - the kit leads an administrator through the steps of locking down a system."
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I plan to try it...
by Moochman on Fri 30th Dec 2005 07:39 UTC
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I'm actually planning to put this on my uncle's computer tomorrow... He'll never need admin access and my little cousin is always dicking around and installing spyware-laden games. Now my cousin can install the games and it won't affect a thing! Woot! indeed.

I'll report back in a few months to tell how it all worked out.

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RE: I plan to try it...
by on Fri 30th Dec 2005 11:57 in reply to "I plan to try it..."
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Before you do this ask your uncle if he ever saves files to the hard disk! If he ever writes a word document with the intention of saving it then with this thing he won't be able to. Neither will he be able to use a local e-mail client like outlook from one session to the next as the e-mail client won't be able to write to its database. Nor will he be able to save internet bookmarks in his browser etc etc etc. This isn't a tool to prevent kids messing up home PC profiles.

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RE[2]: I plan to try it...
by Moochman on Sat 31st Dec 2005 03:05 in reply to "RE: I plan to try it..."
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I understand, but it's also pretty configurable. I would assume it lets you set simple options such as the ones you're talking about.

Unfortunately, I probably won't be setting this up for some time now anyway, but when I do I'll report my experiences.

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