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Windows Like a lot of people who have worked in the business, I find myself in conversations about computer security with people who are having problems or know people who have problems. I wrote this to save me from explaining the same thing over and over again to different people, and to save them the trouble of having to make notes as we talked. It was meant to be something you could give to a 'naive user' and have them be able to read and follow it more or less unaided, and while not being a complete guide, at least be something that made them more secure than before they got it.
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You're perfectly right!

Until people get completely crashed by some malware they don't feel the danger even if they are aware. This is like car driving: everyone thinks he drives better than his neighbour. For computers, everyone thinks he's safe enough - safer than others.

The truth is most people don't know what these popup windows are - well it's a windows feature?, they do not know that some malware has read their adress book to send spam, they even don't know that their computer may be hosting some pirated software or porn videos!

And the worse: they think their computer is perfectly designed, they totally trust microsoft and never wonder about why their system need so many addons to get safer (anti-virus, etc.)...

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