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Privacy, Security, Encryption Vulnerabilities in USB drivers for Windows could allow an attacker to take control of locked workstations using a specially programmed Universal Serial Bus device, according to an executive from SPI Dynamics, which discovered the security hole. However, SPI tested attacks on Windows systems, but any operating system that is USB-compliant is probably vulnerable.
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RE[8]: So... (kernel design)
by on Sun 24th Jul 2005 01:48 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: So... (kernel design) "

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Ok, I'm going to be harsh here:
Great, you post anonymously on a security related thread, throw a name around and expect us to believe you?
At least PGP signing your post with a verifiable key might be a begining of trust.
Don't take it personnaly, I'm no authority when it comes to security or kernel topics, but it seems obvious to me that you have to back up your claims somehow.

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RE[9]: So... (kernel design)
by on Sun 24th Jul 2005 01:52 in reply to "RE[8]: So... (kernel design) "
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Well ok I was really harsh, and after reading your post again, you don't make it so authoritative as I'm implying in my previous post. Still, your name doesn't bring anything to your arguing without being certified somehow.

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RE[10]: So... (kernel design)
by on Sun 24th Jul 2005 02:36 in reply to "RE[9]: So... (kernel design) "
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Feel free to view my multiple threads at LinuxToday or you can view my name as one of the main contributors to the John Kirch 'Unix vs. WindowNT" website.

I've written for CIO Magazine, and have several articles online. (If you google you'll find a few of them I'm sure)

I'm currently the CEO of Ioni Systems and give regular talks at the large Dallas Unix/Linux Users Group in Irving (Las Colinas).

My specialty was originally real-time OS however my companies focus now is Unix and services for Unix.

Now you know who I am. Hi!

Now back to eating dinner before my wife yells at me to get off the computer! ;-)



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