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Microsoft "Microsoft has some catching up to do. It's not a phrase you hear every day. But whether it's Apple Computer's iTunes-iPod combo or Google's advertising engine, the software maker's top executives readily admit that they are coming from behind. In a rare joint interview ahead of the CES, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and CEO Steve Ballmer outlined their plans to catch their rivals and discussed why it's Sony that will have to play catch-up in the video console wars."
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RE: It will be really hot
by jamesrdorn on Fri 6th Jan 2006 19:31 UTC in reply to "It will be really hot"
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And yes they did the innovation, at least an innovation in windows world.

You mean to tell me that the company 'innovated' it's own product simply by copying features found in OS X?

... So by the same fact, Microsoft 'innovated' DOS... right?

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RE[2]: It will be really hot
by tomcat on Fri 6th Jan 2006 19:52 in reply to "RE: It will be really hot"
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I think that you're using a strange definition of "innovation". There are plenty of dreamers with good ideas that will never come to fruition because they lack the intangible "whatever" necessary to come to market. So, in my way of thinking, true innovation is about the process of making useful functionality available to a wide market. Whether or not you like Microsoft, they are indeed bringing new functionality to their market. That's innovative.

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RE[2]: It will be really hot
by sanjaya5 on Fri 6th Jan 2006 19:58 in reply to "RE: It will be really hot"
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Innovation != invention.
Yes I said, at least innovation in Windows world.

Hmmm...I just wonder:
at the beginning there was unix. The computer was too pricey and only geeks could operate them. Than come someone called Bill Gates who make corporation with IBM and produced Basic and DOS and as the result the pc is really cheap. Than in 80s-90s come Tannenbaum with his minix which try to simulate unix for education world. Than come Linus who try to something similar minix with his Linux. Than come win 3.1 with ist first windows based os. Than win 95 and so on.
O yeah about windows, the first idea come from Xerox I believe.
What I want to say is: even a small improvement is an innovation. The improvement can effect the end-user directly or not-directly. It just depends on you: how small or how big the improvement so that it can be called innovation.
It is the same like: your city has an old train-system. And than your neighbour city build a modern fast train-system. Your city governour decide to build a similar (but not the same) modern fast train-system? It it an innovation? For you, of course it is something new in your city. But what say the people of your neighbour city? Copycat?
Another example: Did Toyota or Mercedes or whatever make no innovation at all? And all the car (except Ford) are something a copy of Ford-T?
If I must judge to your definition of innovation than Linux (KDE/Gnome/whatever) has made almost no innovation and about this you would attack me.
If you want to protect your "innovation" than you should agree with the software-patent which would be a catastrophe for IT Business.
------------------ IT Business Consulting BCM - Faculty of BIT - Furtwangen Univ. - Germany

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jamesrdorn Member since:

For starts... 'Pricey' is relitive. Just like with anything, prices fall when the product inproves. Linux was not developed because computers COST to much. By your terms 'small improvement' could mean innovation... Where is the improvement? Point me out one single feature of Vista's UI that has not been done before? And yes, there have been inprovments & innovations in cars, just not baisc's like wheels. Most other things that are 'stolen' between car companies are federally mandated. Your idea of cities sharing ideas with transit systems is STILL not innovation. BTW: I never said Apple's UI was innovative... so far the best out there, but not innovative.

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