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Linux "Linux is not Windows, and although there are some similarities, you must realize that there may be a few 'new ways of doing things' to learn before you can be comfortable in Linux. Linux is an open-source clone of UNIX, a secure operating system that predates DOS and Windows and is designed for multiple users. The items in the following list generally apply to any UNIX-based *nix system, such as Linux and the various BSD's. For the purposes of this article, assume that it's all Linux."
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Not so bad
by Sphinx on Fri 6th Jan 2006 23:55 UTC
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Without nitpicking I thought it was pretty good and might be quite useful for someone just parachuting into Linuxland or raised in a Windows only convent without internet access.

Thought the illustration proved the point rather well too on the difference between the two hierarchies given the above audience.

Just how old are they? I started programming for Windows version 1.0 in 1984, Linux 1.0 was released in 1994. Given you're not talking about starting when they were just a gleam in Linus'/Bill's eye and allow for gestation to full release that would make Win 22 and Linux 12, depending on the month he wrote the article that may just be an incredibly accurate statement.

How much insight his audience could digest at once would be something I'd leave for the author to decide.

Keep 'em coming Thom.

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