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Zeta "I've been working off-and-on writing a review/overview of the Zeta LiveCD, but one topic in particular kept distracting me: the question of whether or not the demo CD can be installed and run from a hard drive partition. My experimentation ended up growing into an article of its own and the short answer is 'no'. For all the gory details, read on."
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Earl Colby pottinger
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Both my friend and I have tried the demo disk on our laptops. Mine is an old Dell CPI, it works a little better than BeOS but not enough for me to buy it. I am glad I had the demo disk to test my machine first.

My friend has one of the latest Toshiba WideScreen machine. He found a lot of hardware that he can't get working in BeOS or has problems working together works with Zeta's demo disk so he is ordering the OS.

The demo CD does the job it was designed for - testing your hardware.

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