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OS/2 and eComStation Serenity Systems International (SSI) today announced a beta testing program for the upcoming 2.0 release of eComStation, an OEM distribution of IBM's OS/2 operating system. This is the fourth release of eComStation, which was launched in 2000.
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Since I'm one of the people who wrote the "all kinds of news" articles (the one for eWEEK), and I'm distinctly a fan of all things OS/2 even now... perhaps you'll believe me if I tell you that the beta for eCS simply will not be considered as big a deal as were the lights going out for OS/2 at IBM.

First, SSI isn't IBM. They don't have the overall reach or the significance. Especially since OS/2 was once touted as the future of computing... and by consumer perception, at least, it sputtered and faltered.

Second, it's a BETA. If it were a released product it would have additional significance. I think there's a reasonable chance that the released version might merit a product review by a few of the Usual Suspects (not that many of them do reviews as much, these days).

Finally, it's from a tiny company without the ability to get the news to everybody. So, quite simply, a lot of those "all kinds of news" outlets won't know about this announcement.

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FWIW, I agree with Esther. There is no way a PR from SSI will get the same attention and response as one made by a major multi-national. This PR will not be read by "all kinds of" journos and some that read it will not regard it as significant. That is a problem for SSI.

But going with PR Newswire is an attempt to reach a broad audience, especially within the trade press. The key message isn't the beta. The key message is "yes, IBM withdrew OS/2 from active marketing .... but ... OS/2 remains available. OS/2 is better than it ever was and support for the platform continues. And here is the group which supplies it."

I want to alert some commercial users that there are enhancements which facilitate installing OS/2 on new hardware. That additional support is available and will continue to be available for years to come.

Recently I have supplied product and/or licenses to several large organizations, including an aerospace company and a mass transit organization. In both cases, these people need to run OS/2 applications and need to be able to run on new hardware. They wanted to upgrade their OS/2 installations and get some additional licenses. SSI can do that. That's the message.

SSI has OEM agreements with several companies to support specific products. This allows those organizations to work with commercial OS/2 users. And this is business I want to encourage.

So, the PR discusses the beta, but the message is .. this product is still around, available now and for years to come. It's still as good as it ever was, in fact .. it is better. And we continue to invest in extending and expanding support for OS/2 as eComStation.

I think that's an important message. At least, it is important to me. But Esther is undoubtedly correct. An OS/2 message from an unknown company may not be seen as compelling. And it probably shouldn't be.

Even so, it's a significant message and I hope the right folks hear it.

Bob St.John
Serenity Systesm International

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