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GTK+ This article, the second in a three-part series titled "GTK+ fundamentals," introduces you to programming with GTK+. It analyzes a sample GTK+ application written in C, then shows that same application written in Python and C#. Finally, it discusses some useful tools that can help you develop better applications faster with GTK+.
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Win consistency
by miro on Thu 12th Jan 2006 13:37 UTC
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Ah common, and look closer, notepad, winrar, winzip, powerarchiver, office, outlook look definitely not the same. Each of these apps have different toolbars, different size of icons, different menus, some are flat some are more 3D. On my win2000 machine, some apps have xp style menus, some don't, some apps use the File, Edit, View .. Help menu system some don't. Sometimes the difference between a VC app and a delphi app is far greater then notepad <-> gtk / Qt app.

I think that the bigger problem here is not how apps LOOK like but that they all WORK in a different way. Most gtk+ programs have a connection to gnome, which WORKS a *little* different than windows.

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RE: Win consistency
by Ookaze on Thu 12th Jan 2006 15:19 in reply to "Win consistency"
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You forgot the apps that have colored icons by default, and those that appear gray and are colored when you point your mouse other them. There are so much examples.
Windows users that talk about inconsistency in other OS than Windows are zealots : the pot that call the kettle black. Everyone of them with some sense admit it, even on this thread, but they are quick to find excuses and dismiss what they found so important seconds before : talk about hypocrisis.
Currently, I have to use 2 Windows OS at work (NT4 and XP SP2), and you can bet no app look the same, and I have Wordpad, Outlook, Firefox and Explorer opened !!! Fonts are different, widgets are different, behaviour is different, size and design of icons are different, ... And they dare talk about consistency !! On the XP SP2 it's even worse.

I think that the bigger problem here is not how apps LOOK like but that they all WORK in a different way. Most gtk+ programs have a connection to gnome, which WORKS a *little* different than windows

The major problem is Windows zealots actually.
You say Gnome works a little different than Windows, I say it works a LOT different.
Gnome apps are consistent, Gnome apps are integrated, Gnome apps work right (well sort of), Windows apps don't.
There still are basic things that don't work on Windows : the application bar (which for example, shrinks itself at each reboot when in vertical position, or does not disappear automatically sometimes), the multi file selection (order still wrong when you paste), the install/remove that does not work, ... The inconsistent things have been listed already.
I have other examples of how Gnome works a lot different : simple click is usable, files copied have their size updated in real time, theme is consistent not per app, session works, input methods are consistent, virtual desktops works, multisession exists and is powerful, email clients never infect you, ...
Windows power users should stop these Windows zealots that give a bad reputation to their OS (there I said it).
These complaints were true, but as soon as Gnome 2.0 came out (with pango, gobject, gconf, gnome-vfs, ...) to address all of these, the complaints should have stopped, cause at least Gnome devs tried to do sth about these problems. MS did not do that for Windows till then, but you never hear a complaint from the zealot.

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