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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Solaris Express 7/2005 (a.k.a. Nevada Build 17) was posted today, providing MESA support, observability enhancements, and roughly 500 bug fixes. You can obtain a free download. An overview of new features is also available.
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RE[10]: I tried but gave up
by sbergman27 on Sun 24th Jul 2005 23:08 UTC in reply to "RE[9]: I tried but gave up"
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So that's what they are calling sar these days. Thanks for the info.

Also, good to hear that GNU tools are now included.

I'd put Scott and Larry about equal on ego. But Scott is definitely more likable. And I do actually have a sneaking admiration for the guy. When the other commercial Unix vendors (and Oracle, as well) were hedging their bets with Windows (as they all still are doing), Scott believed in Unix and stood by his principles. I respect that.

If Solaris won't install on a P233 MMX, I think I can forgive it for that at least. It's not like I work with them every day. But the occasional retro project can be fun.

I did run into a post earlier today that suggested that recent Solaris Express releases incorporate some important changes to the way pnp bioses are handled, which avert some common early installation difficulties. Maybe I can now get it to install on something around here?

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RE[11]: I tried but gave up
by Robert Escue on Sun 24th Jul 2005 23:43 in reply to "RE[10]: I tried but gave up"
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Scott's comment about IBM's Regatta server, their equivalent to a SunFire (he called it "regretta") was pretty good. I spent about 14 months working with IBM pSeries hardware and AIX, interesting stuff. You gotta love those crazy eights though (IBM hardware error code)!

Solaris might run on a 233 MMX machine, I haven't had one in years so I couldn't say. The slowest thing I run Solaris Express x86 on is my dual PIII rig.

I can attest to the code changes for PnP, my other x86 system uses an Asus motherboard that every time I shut it down, would not shut off. My dual rig uses a SuperMicro board and it works no problem. With the recent Solaris Express builds, the Asus system shuts right off.

Let me leave you with a little humor about where I work, I can't go into too much because I would probably be fired. We just stood up this web "portal" which was supposed to be the "solution" to a bunch of usability issues. Well the powers that be were bouncing around trying to figure out how much disk space users should have. You might want to sit down before you read the next line because this falls into the "WTFO" category. The number they came up with is 100 GB per user, that's right 100 gigabytes for over 4,000 users for home directory space!!! We immediately lost it (this is where the SunFire 25K's came into the picture) and we were asked to get the cost of this. I roughly figured $30,000,000.00 without the second SAN to back up the primary to disk before we went to tape!

Have a good one!

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RE[12]: I tried but gave up
by sbergman27 on Mon 25th Jul 2005 02:04 in reply to "RE[11]: I tried but gave up"
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What's a gigabyte? And why would anyone need 100 of them? I'm still gettin' used to these new-fangled megabyte thingies. ;-)

And on a more serious note, thanks again for the sysstat reference.

You know, you could have mentioned DTrace and blown me completely away. ;-0

You have a good one, too!

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