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Debian and its clones "I invite everyone interested to join the Utnubu Team. Utnubu stands for doing what Ubuntu does, just the other way around: We want to take the things Ubuntu does and that are missing in Debian, and - where appliciable - put them in Debian."
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RE: couldn;t hurt
by BryanFeeney on Tue 26th Jul 2005 09:57 UTC in reply to "couldn;t hurt"
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As has already been said Debian unstable is meant to be unstable.

There are three debian distros

Unstable (Sid):
This is almost always broken in some way, as it always has the latest and greatest. Hence the name. It's used to shake out bugs.

Testing (Etch):
This is where packages which have been more or less stablised go. It's suitable for end-users on non-critical systems. It's the basis of the next Debian release.

Stable (Sarge):
This is the stable, officially released distribution, suitable for use on critical systems.

The problem is that Ubuntu tracks the unstable branch, which is in a permanent state of flux. Thus, their patches aren't particularly useful as they apply to software that's rapidly changing, and is not in a stable state to begin with.

If they tracked Testing (which does stay current, albeit a month or two behind app releases) it would be far easier for the two communities to collaborate.

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