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Java Tom Tromey (Red Hat) who wrote the GCJx as a extension to GCC to support Java 1.5 features among other changes has proposed a merge with ECJ, the Eclipse compiler from the Eclipse Foundation. The ramifications of this change are rather interesting.
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RE[4]: Qt-SWT?
by ecko on Mon 30th Jan 2006 15:41 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Qt-SWT?"
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Very true. I'm personally a linux guy but I own a Windows laptop. Eclipse is very very slow to respond on Linux and very snappy on Windows running the same version of the JVM's. Every other Linux app written in gtk/qt runs beautifully. Even C# apps are remarkably responsive, I'm suprised the fact that eclipse is so slow isn't brought up more often.

PS: I've used eclipse for a lot of course work across many different versions of Linux and it's never been close to Windows in terms of speed.

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RE[5]: Qt-SWT?
by rivasdiaz on Mon 30th Jan 2006 16:37 in reply to "RE[4]: Qt-SWT?"
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My employer has bought Rational Software Architect 6, which is based on Eclipse.

In my experience, the modeling part (wich is extensively graphics based) works a lot better in linux than in windows. Then probably what makes Eclipse slower on linux is not related to SWT?


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