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GNU, GPL, Open Source Linus Torvalds, father of the Linux kernel, has fleshed out his unhappiness with GPLv3 in three recent posts on the Linux Kernel Mailing List. Torvalds previously stated that the kernel will remain under the licensing terms of GPLv2. Yesterday, Torvalds offered his opinion as to where the battle over DRM should take place.
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>>They will only sell you what you want to buy.

You can ask them if *you* can decide what runs and what doesn't, and then choose to buy from them or from another vendor.

You're not getting it. Consumers have ZERO choice anymore because these companies create ISO standards which is why they are all alike. And those "standards" are never anything more than what MSFT demands in return for selling computers with their OS. So NO there won't be a choice, every computer and motherboard and cpu WILL be DRM locked in order to meet MSFT spec you can guarenF--kingT it.

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