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X11, Window Managers "Novell is announcing its contribution of the Xgl graphics subsystem and the 'Compiz' compositing manager to the project. These enhancements open up a whole world of hardware acceleration, fancy animation, separating hardware resolution from software resolution, and more. As a result, Linux desktops will become more usable, end-user productivity will increase, and Linux is firmly positioned at the forefront of client computing technology." Videos and screenshots are included in the press release. And on a related note, Dan Winship of Novell has explained on gnome-desktop-devel why Novell worked on all this behind closed doors-- and this also applies to the striking similarity between Novell's mockups from December and Nat Friedman's videos. The changes made to GNOME will all be released back.
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by plainstyle on Tue 7th Feb 2006 19:05 UTC
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Novel buys the kde oriented SuSE Linux, then unveils massive enhancements to GNOME...

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RE: weird
by saterdaies on Tue 7th Feb 2006 19:14 in reply to "weird"
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While Novell bought the KDE-centric SUSE, they also bought the very Gnome centric Ximian and looking at who did this work, it was the Ximian side.

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RE: weird
by werfu on Tue 7th Feb 2006 19:43 in reply to "weird"
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"Novel buys the kde oriented SuSE Linux, then unveils massive enhancements to GNOME..."
Who cares? KDE guys have done plenty of beautiful things and KDE is much more oriented on features than simplicity. This will surely be integrated partly in the 4.0 release and than massively used in the 4.1 and you can count on the Plasma team to use it, I'm sure. Vista Areo? Pff, it will look like crap next to my KDE desktop ;)

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RE: weird
by dark child on Tue 7th Feb 2006 20:49 in reply to "weird"
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GNOME is now more or less the default DE in Novell and Suse related distros. It seems like Novell just wanted a solid OS on which to build their enterprise Linux offering, but they don't care much about KDE. They said that KDE would still be the default in Suse but if you look at the Suse 10.1 betas GNOME is right at the top of the selection (the place that used to be occupied by KDE) during installation.

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RE[2]: weird
by Hands on Wed 8th Feb 2006 17:53 in reply to "RE: weird"
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GNOME is more of a standard desktop within U.S. corporations because that is what Red Hat has always used and they have been the dominant distribution among enterprise customers in the U.S. Novell is aiming more at enterprise customers than they are at home customers. That's where the money is. So, it shouldn't be too much of a surprise to see them doing some serious development on GNOME.

As others have stated as well, Novell bought SUSE and Ximian. SUSE isn't only valuable because it runs KDE. SUSE is valuable because it has a solid base. Adding work from the Ximian guys and running GNOME on that base is a good move by Novell IMO.

I don't think that Novell doesn't care about KDE. It's just a matter of resources. Novell has some great GNOME resources through their aquisition of Ximian. They have a lot to contribute to GNOME, and it fits with some of their strategies. KDE has generally been more focused on features than GNOME anyway. What KDE lacks seems to be on the roadmap without the help of Novell. KDE development seems to be faster than GNOME development IMO. KDE is also in the process of changing their basic toolset. I don't blame Novell for letting people more directly involved with KDE work through some of that process.

From my perspective the work that Novell has done has either been something that brought one of the two major desktop environments more on par with the other, or it has been something that could be adopted by both.

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