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Mono Project Apress' open source series of books recently unveiled Mark Mamone's "Practical Mono", a book targetting new .NET developers. We take a quick look at the book below.
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by memson on Fri 10th Feb 2006 23:24 UTC
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I'm a recent convert to ASP.NET. I has the same misgivings as the next guy (esp after using ASP on IIS 5.0), but ASP.NET is extremely easy to use. It sure beats PHP for one good reason - I have a support library I wrote in C# that is used by my ASP.NET code, but will also be used in the big jump to a desktop version of my APP (converted from another RAD IDE.) Code once, use again.

If, indeed, ASP.NET is cross platform with Mono (didn't realise - will look into this), stuff becomes very interesting indeed.

I wouldn't waste my time learning PHP now, as I can certainly do everything I need in ASP.NET.

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