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Podcasts Are IT people happier when they are fighting? OSNews, episode 2 can be downloaded as an MP3 (3.02 MB) or a Ogg Vorbis (4.77 MB) file. Our podcast is located at
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My 20 cents
by Celerate on Thu 16th Feb 2006 07:18 UTC
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I think most people start out ready for calm debate, but then jealousy, boredom and some other things get mixed together in the minds of a few people and a chain reaction insues which leads to the breakdown of civility.

I'm not completely innocent myself. One of my peeves is ignorance, especially when it gets moderated up by people who know very well it's flamebait. Sometimes you just have to bite your tongue which hurts as much as ignoring trolls. One of the best and worst things on any news site by a long shot is the ability for people to comment.

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