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Windows "I've been looking at the 'My desktop OS'-articles, and found that I'll have to be the one writing one for Windows XP. To be honest, Windowx XP is very close to being usable on the desktop. I say very close, because it's not so out of the box. There is a few issues, however and many of them arises when you need to reinstall. You do need to reinstall Windows from time to time - it's just a fact of life!"
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by stare on Sat 18th Feb 2006 01:13 UTC
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Computers arent driven by magic. If your OS is starting to run slowly - use task manager to analyze which processes slow down the system. Look at the cpu/memory/VM usage. Check startup entries and services, remove crap. No need to reinstall. No need to write the "You do need to reinstall Windows from time to time" "articles".

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RE: Nonsense
by situation on Sat 18th Feb 2006 01:28 in reply to "Nonsense"
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I find the main slowdown is the registry. Not startup items, not CPU or RAM usage, but installing and uninstalling 20+ apps (perfectly logical over a 1 year span) means tons of crap left in the registry. I try to manually clean it after an uninstall by doing a search for what I just uninstalled. Sometimes I find 10-20 keys, even though it _says_ it uninstalled cleanly. *sigh*, if only the registry was plain text, so you could take a snapshot before and after, and do a diff of the two (I really like Wine installs for this).

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