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X11, Window Managers Updated: Fedora was right in the middle of announcing all this properly, so here is the updated item containing the official names. Videos included, as well as the inevitable 'Why not Xgl?'. "AIGLX is a project that aims to enable GL-accelerated effects on a standard desktop. We have a lightly modified X server (that includes a couple of extensions), an updated Mesa package that adds some new protocol support and a version of metacity with a composite manager. The end result is that you can use GL effects on your desktop with very few changes, the ability to turn it on and off at will, and you don't have to replace your X server in the process." This is part of Fedora's Rendering Project, and instructions on how to install all this are available too.
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It's good!
by Ford Prefect on Mon 20th Feb 2006 17:48 UTC
Ford Prefect
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what are these complains all about?

We have a problem to get solved:
* X is slow, pain in the ass slow, f--kING SLOW! (this is mostly due to all the data to be flown between client and server on every f--king window moving over another, menu popping up and so on)
* NOT using the GPU for graphical(!) output is a shame, yes a shame! And it is not possible with current X

We have two possible solutions:
* build something on top of something other which is a really evil way of doing it and hope to get further support from hardware vendors to eventually get rid of this stacking
* enhance/modify the existing framework which is clean but breaks compatibility for current drivers

Both solutions have their up- and their downsides. No one can know today which one will work out better.

Both are under open(!) development right now, both in Xorg CVS.

Now let's see which one will work best! There is much shared between them which will help to get an uniform "best" solution.

This is not about taste (unlike KDE vs Gnome), so they won't coexist for a long time. Calm down and feel lucky to not miss one option out on the solution to this really pending problem.

Ford Prefect

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