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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Mark Shuttleworth is the founder of Thawte, the first certification authority to sell public SSL certificates. After selling Thawte to Verisign, Mark moved on to training as an astronaut in Russia and visiting space. Once he got back he founded Ubuntu, the leading GNU/Linux distribution. He agreed on releasing a quick interview to Free Software Magazine." One of the more interesting quotes: "With Ubuntu, it's still too early to say we've been successful. My personal goal is to make the distro sustainable - then there will be a team that pays its own way and can focus on producing the best free software desktop on the planet without my interference!"
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Leading distro?
by John Blink on Tue 21st Feb 2006 02:15 UTC
John Blink
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What qualifies it as leading. I would say popular distro.

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RE: Leading distro?
by kamper on Tue 21st Feb 2006 03:26 in reply to "Leading distro?"
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What qualifies it as leading. I would say popular distro.

I'm tempted to reply "just the author's fanboyism" but in reality, it's probably the fact that it's's most popular item by a mile. I'll give Ubuntu credit for not just being a distro-of-the-month and then fading into obscurity among the hundreds of others.

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RE[2]: Leading distro?
by Moulinneuf on Tue 21st Feb 2006 12:02 in reply to "RE: Leading distro?"
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"I'm tempted to reply "just the author's fanboyism" "

Which show that your totally clueless and uninformed.

"but in reality"

You live in your own special bubble , your reality is not what's the reality.

"the fact that it's's most popular item by a mile."

Distrowatch is tottally irrelevant in everything GNU/Linux , Distrowatch dont contribute code , Distrowatch dont pay anything with its own money , Distrowatch dont send free CD , distrowatch dont support anything GNU/Linux. Distrowatch dont make any distribution. Distrowatch dont encourage others to participate in GNU/Linux. I will add that Ladislav Bodnar is a proven scam artist.

Ubuntu is popular :

- Because they support there community directly.
- They are inclusive
- They are respectfull.
- They give everyone there best.

Ubuntu is leading because :

- All the others are unresponsive or have dropped general users.
- They are cutting edge and dont listen to what Red Hat say and does.
- There Beta testing is open to all , and they invite everyone to contribute and test it.
- They acknowledge problem and fix them.

Who else in GNU/Linux is going to ship you a free CD of there best and latest distribution for you to use and share ? Only Ubuntu.

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