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Hardware, Embedded Systems Asus has shelved plans to develop the PC of the future - literally. The Taiwanese vendor's Green PC concept computer, shown to Reg Hardware this week, is just that: a shelf. And some clever wireless connectivity and non-contact inductive power source.
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star trek
by Yamin on Thu 23rd Feb 2006 21:02 UTC
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Just like those magical star trek computers. But don't let all those pieces come out. Then you have to put them all back together in the right order ;) Like that episode when Data does Tasha Yar.

Anywhose, that's enough of me.

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RE: star trek
by transputer_guy on Thu 23rd Feb 2006 21:19 in reply to "star trek"
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In the original ever so cheaply made Captain Kirk Startrek as well as in most DrWho, Blake 7 or all UK SciFi stories the fantasy was always destroyed when the cheapo FX dept would throw a pile of old 60's or 70 TTL PCBs together and you'd see Spock or the Doctor fumbling around with wires to make it work. So much better to see opto glass blocks or crystals or something, I don't want to recognize the stuff from my basement.

In one DrWho story with the short ugly reptilian green man thing with the brain transplants they wallpapered the lab with photo plots of AMD chips, EEPROMs IIRC, quite funny.

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