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Mozilla & Gecko clones "uBrowser is a simple web browser that illustrates one way of embedding the Mozilla Gecko rendering engine into a standalone application using LibXUL. In this case, the contents of the page is grabbed as it's being rendered and displayed as a texture on some geometry using OpenGL. You are able to interact with the page (mostly) normally and visit (almost) any site that works correctly with Firefox 1.5."
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Not Impressed
by cchance on Fri 24th Feb 2006 17:38 UTC
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Ok if this is considered good i should slap someone...

Rotating the entire texture gets weird and greened out and cant see anything....

Also its DOG SLOW! Lord if i had to browse in that i'd slit my wrists

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RE: Not Impressed
by rm6990 on Fri 24th Feb 2006 18:30 in reply to "Not Impressed"
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It wasn't slow for me. With the flag effect turned on, it was still almost as fast as Firefox and IE are normally for me. I found that the 3D didn't make up for the lacking features in the browser though, so I returned to firefox (which is what I expect most people to do).

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RE: Not Impressed
by snozzberry on Fri 24th Feb 2006 23:20 in reply to "Not Impressed"
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"Rotating the entire texture gets weird and greened out and cant see anything...."

I had the same problem with a Radeon 7000/VE card and as soon as I fired up IE to do something else, Microsoft Update informed me there was an updated driver for the card; I DLed it and rebooted and the problem went away. In general the documentation says this is an artifact of the 3-pass system the author uses to render the texture to OpenGL, but could be a symptom of not enough power/memory in your card. Note I said "could be."

Most impressive part of the demo: Leave the image on a flat surface, but rotate it 180 degrees so it's completely backwards. Now navigate to a website with a text entry field in a form and enter some text. Select it. The selection cursor works, even backwards.

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RE: Not Impressed
by monkeyhead on Sat 25th Feb 2006 04:00 in reply to "Not Impressed"
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uh... did you read the part where it was made clear that it is a proof of concept and that it isn't intended to replace your regular browser? Or maybe the part about it being a good guide for developers looking to embed the gecko engine in their own application?

Sorry the application that was intended to help other developers didn't meet your end user experience.

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