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Mike Bouma

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Mike Bouma


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I have been an Amiga user since I bought myself an Amiga 2000 in 1989. At the time as a 12 year old kid especially the great games, Deluxe Paint and also Video editing interested me. Soon after buying a hard drive I came to be an AmigaOS enthusiast and till today I still greatly prefer the freedom and flexibility AmigaOS provides me with.

I joined the staff in March 2003. Before this I was already known within the Amiga community for my Amiga-related OSNews articles.

I regularly write Amiga-related feature articles and run the AmigaRing effort, which is the biggest Amiga related webring. My OS interests mainly include AmigaOS4, AROS, BeOS / Zeta, Intent / Amiga Anywhere, MorphOS and QNX RtP.

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