Java Desktop for X v0.5 released

JD4X v0.5 now supports both jdk v1.4 or v1.5 (jdk 5). The binary version released is however, compiled for jdk 1.5 (jdk 5).The new JD4X v0.5 + Zesktop v0.3 includes drag and drop support for adding all types of desktop components. Eg. drawers, launchers, applets, workspaces etc… Adding multiple taskbars are also now supported. In addition, utility programs like clock, resource applets and etc are also included in the desktop applet section of the control panel. GUI device mounting support has also been added to mount and unmount devices on the desktop. Eg. CDROM, Floppy and etc… This version should be simpler to use but with a much richer set of features than the previous versions. For the latest set of screen shots.


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