PalmOS & WindowsCE Get High Quality, Versalite, Free Video Player

Gabor Kovacs has just released TCPMP 0.66 (ex-BetaPlayer), the next generation media player for both PalmOS 5 and PocketPCs. BetaPlayer has been one of the most downloaded applications in the WindowsCE world and now PalmOS 5 & Smartphone users will also be able to enjoy DivX, mpeg1-4, ogg and more. We gave TCPMP a whirl and we found that it’s much faster than before when playing WMV on PocketPC (where it used to be a framedrop on our Axim X5-A05, now it doesn’t), however WMV playback is buggy on the Axim x50v (ROM A04) if the 2700G driver is used (had to soft-reset the PDA, GDI was more compatible). DivX plays great though, on all of our devices including PalmOS (very usable 320×240 DivX playback on our 126 Mhz Sony Clie TH-55). Screenshots here, here and here.


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