Book Mini-Review: Solaris 8 Administrator’s Guide

Solaris 8 – Administrator’s Guide is a book written by Paul Watters, and published by O’Reilly. The book is all about how to create and administer networks using Solaris 8. The book, published in January, is current even for Solaris 9, mostly because not many changes to the way Solaris works have been made in the new version of the OS.The book will begin by explaining what a network is, and from which services and hardware it consists. While that would be already common ground for most of the OSNews readers, others will still find information that did not know before. The second part is getting more in-depth about networks, but this time it describes how Solaris “sees” networks and how you can architect a network that will work well with Sun’s popular server operating sytem.

The later chapters vary, with information on how to install Solaris on both x86 and SPARC, to network configuration, naming services, file serving, data management, Apache and PostgreSQL configuration, Samba, and the book concludes with an informative chapter about Security on Solaris.

There is a free sample chapter available, Chapter 4, Network Configuration.

I liked the fact that Java-specific products are mentioned and explained, like, how to run servlets with Apache, however, I find dissapointing the fact that there is no mention of Oracle (while there is for PostgreSQL), no mention of Sun’s own web server, while there is no information on how to administer X11 clients on a network. Also, there is no information on clustering.

Overall, this is one of the must-have books for any Solaris administrator, or for other Unix admins who want to migrate to Solaris. This book is definately not for newbies. However, this book alone won’t be enough for a complete and professional network-building and security affirmation. The subjet of Unix administration is huge, and it will surely require more books in addition to this one.

Overall: 8 / 10

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