Pictures from OpenBSD’s Hackathon

The OpenBSD project is currently having what is called a “Hackathon”, that is, as many coders as possible, get together for a little more than a week and hack, drink beer, hang around etc. This year, it all happens in Theo deRaadt’s hometown, in Calgary, Canada. The slogan of this hackathon is: “Shut up and hack!” Check out pictures of the event, and see the (always growing) number of CVS commits here. The event is terminating late next week.


  1. 2002-06-09 3:46 am
  2. 2002-06-09 7:28 am
  3. 2002-06-09 7:31 pm
  4. 2002-06-10 8:44 am
  5. 2002-06-11 7:18 am
  6. 2002-06-11 11:20 am