S60 3rd Edition Dev Documents; The New Nokia Zoomable Browser

Nokia released today a number of updated development PDFs on their ‘S60 3rd Edition’ platform on top of Symbian OS v9.1: “S60 2nd/3rd Edition: Differences In Features“, “Introduction To The S60 Scalable UI“, “S60 Platform: Scalable UI Support“, “S60 Platform: Source And Binary Compatibility“, “S60 Platform: Avkon UI Resources“. Nokia also released a new web browser based on KHTML. Except the innovative zoomable interface, the browser also supports pop-up blocking, visual history, find-as-you-type, integrated RSS support, DHTML with AJAX support and Netscape-style plug-ins for Flash Lite, SVG-tiny and audio. The new web browser (check the flash demo) is available to all new Nokia phones using the ‘S60 3rd Edition’, like the impressive and newly announced N80.


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