FileMaker renames itself back to Claris

Not the most exciting or noteworthy piece of news, but still a fun little bit of nostalgia.

Today at their 24th annual DevCon, FileMaker, Inc., maker of the world’s leading Workplace Innovation Platform, unveiled the start of a new chapter in the company’s history as Claris International Inc.

Claris was created a spin-off from Apple in 1987, set up to own and developed MacPaint and MacWrite, which Apple had allowed to wither. The company eventually acquired FileMaker, and in 1990 Apple decided to keep Claris as a wholly-owned subsidiary. It’s been that way ever since, with the company renaming itself to FileMaker in 1998, after divesting everything else from the company.

Since it has acquired a company called Stamplay, it’s no longer just shipping FileMaker, hence the rename back to Claris.


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