The ZedRipper

Meet the ZedRipper – a 16-core, 83 MHz Z80 powerhouse as portable as it is impractical.

If this introductory sentence doesn’t grab your attention because you’re dead inside, maybe this will:

In the course of my historical computing hobbies, I stumbled upon something that I thought was very fascinating – relatively early in its history, CP/M supported a ‘networked’ version called CP/NET. The idea behind it was was one that will still feel pretty familiar to most people – that an office might have one or two ‘real’ machines with large disk drives and printers that it shared with ‘thin-client’ style machines that we’re basically just terminals with CPUs and RAM attached. Each user could basically act as if they had their own private CP/M machine with access to large disks and printers.

This should give you enough hints as to where the creator and developer took this project. Amazing work.


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