Haiku’s Paladin C++ IDE gets an overhaul

Paladin, a C++ development IDE for Haiku, has been updated with several new features and bug fixes. Some of the new features:

• Quick Find window (Alt+F) – find files in a project by name, or abbreviation (E.g. qfw gives you QuickFindWindow.cpp)
• All the Samples from the online Haiku dev book are included as Template Projects
• Running applications ‘as logged’ now gives a live Monitor Window showing the streamed contents of stderr and stdout, using a new and reliable posix CommandThread wrapper (a ‘Preview Feature’ that, if popular, may end up back in Haiku proper for others to use)
• Automatic switching of Haiku libraries when you open the same project from 32bit and 64bit Haiku versions
• Running a build now generates compile_commands.json as used by other software
• All new backend functionality now using a TDD approach to improve quality and avoid regressions
• User requested modifications are prioritised, with a delivery average of 2 weeks

There’s an update video available so you can get a better feel of the new features, and you can download and install Paladin through HaikuDepot. The code’s available under the MIT license at GitHub.

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